DBL Center Partners with Absence Management Firm to Assist Brokers

Absence management has become a crucial part of human resource management. For insurance brokers, absence management and leave administration represents our customers’ biggest pain points. HR directors and human capital management companies face more challenges than ever when it comes to tracking absenteeism, paid leave, and paid time off. Brokers who can help HR departments address these challenges can win their trust, loyalty and business forever.

Seeing the writing on the wall with Paid Sick Leave in New York and Paid Family and Medical Leave programs expanding across the country, the DBL Center sought to partner with an absence management firm to give our insurance brokers the tools they need to help their clients track employee time away from work.

The DBL Center is proud to announce its partnership with a top absence management company. “This new arrangement allows The DBL Center to complete the circle of service when it comes to comprehensive consulting surrounding leave administration in all required states,” says DBL Center President and CEO Michael Cohen.

What Is Absence Management?

Absence management refers to the added duty of HR directors to track employee leaves, reduce inaccurate or irrelevant claims, and stay in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding leaves. In some cases, companies may provide programs to help people return to work sooner or stay at work by modifying job duties or reducing the causes of disability.

Through our newest partnership, DBL Center brokers can provide their clients the value-added services of absence management and leave administration. These services will be specifically centered around the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, state-paid Paid Family Leave (PFL) in New York and PFML in Connecticut and Massachusetts, statutory benefits, short and long-term disability, voluntary and employer-sponsored benefits, and paid time off / sick leave.

How Can Outsourcing Leave Administration Help Your Clients?

In this era of remote work, tracking employee leave, paid time off, flex-time and absences that extend past the normal few days, such as for short-term disability, has become more complicated than ever. Through The DBL Center’s new partners, our brokers now have a single, centralized source to help HR directors track and administer all forms of leave. Our new partners can assist DBL Center brokers’ clients with the coordination, management, and adjudication of benefits. They can assist and review with claims, and also assist with payment preparation. By outsourcing these responsibilities to a firm with expertise in the area, HR departments can save time and money, reduce the time spent filing claims, reduce or eliminate inaccurate claims, and even ensure that employees receive their money faster to improve retention rates.

“This partnership fills the holes in our offerings, giving HR directors exactly what they need in these challenging times, when statutory benefits are changing quickly across the U.S. and people have more ways – and reasons – than ever to file for time off from work,” says Cohen.

The Broker Dashboard Helps Track Leave Administration

In addition to receiving the services of an expert absence management company, DBL Center brokers can track leave the administration of all policies through our proprietary Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker.

Brokers will receive bi-monthly reminders for cases that are in delinquent status for non-payment of premium or are pending renewal. Brokers can also use the dashboard to pinpoint opportunities for upsells of voluntary worksite benefits for customers that are only purchasing statutory plans.

Workplaces are changing and will continue to change as new benefits are introduced. Meanwhile, HR director’s responsibilities continue to grow. The DBL Center remains your one-stop, back-office staff for statutory and voluntary benefits, paid family and medical leave and now, absence management and leave administration, with tech-forward tools like Broker Dashboard to help you grow your book of business.

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