Individual Life Insurance

Not every company wants to invest in life insurance as a group benefit. We can help.

Did you know there are 30 great reasons for people to invest in life insurance? From the basics of caring for your family and paying for your funeral, to protecting your assets from becoming tax liabilities after you’re gone, a tax-free insurance policy makes life financially easier for those who remain.
Think about this: Who would be hurt – emotionally and financially – if you were to pass on?

These people and organizations are the biggest part of the many reasons you – and every one of your customers – needs to invest in a life insurance policy today.

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Understanding Life Insurance Options

Life insurance is available in term-life, whole life, and universal policies. For the average consumer, the choices may seem overwhelmingly as they face their own mortality and make this important decision. Insurance brokers are uniquely positioned to consider the options from an objective viewpoint, yet with the sensitivity and empathy required to make customers feel comfortable. The DBL Center provides you all the tools you need to successfully sell individual life insurance policies, managing and maintaining the policies and taking care of your customers with the same care and consideration that you do.

You have the benefit of working with the General Agency you know, rather than looking to outside carriers and facing uncertainty about the level of service you and your customers may receive.

If you already trust The DBL Center to purchase and maintain your mandatory disability insurance and ancillary group benefits, we are pleased to become your one-stop-shop for individual insurance plans, too.

Contact us today to receive a prompt quote for term, whole, or universal life insurance policies. In many cases, no physical exam is required and there are no maximum age limits. We can underwrite the policy that’s best for any situation.