Family Paid Leave Map Programs

Nine states and the District of Columbia now have some form of paid leave or family and medical leave in effect for most businesses, with several more soon to introduce a program. Take a look at our map that shows how Paid Family Leave programs are spreading across the U.S., creating opportunitues for insurance brokers and making life a little easier for parents and caregivers.

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) resource center. As of 2022, ten states have Paid Medical and/or Paid Family Leave (PFML) legislation in place. While eligibility requirements vary slightly between the states, in general, Paid Family and/or Medical Leave programs provide partial wage replacement, up to a certain percentage, for working individuals who need time off. Click on your state for more info.
  • In effect with private options available
  • In effect no private options
  • Coming soon
  • Short Term Disability, No Paid Leave

  • A-
  • $1.85/M - $3.90/F
  • $1.85/Male $3.90/females
  • $18.00 Male & $39.00 Female
  • A++
  • $2.44/M - $5.41/F
  • $6.85
  • $21.77/M - $50.65/F
  • A
  • $1.30/M & $2.80/F
  • $9.36
  • $15.60/M & $33.60 F
  • A
  • $1.65 Male / $3.36 Female
  • $10.50
  • N/A

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