Group Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage

Earn more commission with group ancillary benefits.

Did you know six out of 10 corporations offer Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D) coverage as part of company benefits? If you aren’t selling your temporary disability insurance customers these important employee benefit plans, you’re missing out on easy commissions.

Help Your Customers Stay Ahead with Better Employee Benefit Plans
Group life insurance is an inexpensive way for employees to purchase coverage for themselves and their dependents, and makes an employee benefit package more attractive to employees in every generation.

Additionally, employee benefits are a key driver to raise company morale, improve retention and aid in recruiting top tier talent in highly competitive fields. Your customers need – and want – this coverage. Shouldn’t you be the one to provide it?

You’ll earn even more commission, and your clients will save money, when you take advantage of our multi-line discounts and less us underwrite your disability insurance coverage along with other company benefit packages.

As an insurance agent, Group Life / AD&D coverage is one of the most affordable insurance plans you’ll ever sell, with 90 percent of the premium cost favoring the business owner / employer and top executives.

Tiered Plan

Class Position BAE Max Benefit Flat Benefit
Class I Executives 2 x BAE Max of $300,000 $300,000
Class II Management 2 x BAE $50,000 $50,000
Class III All Employees N/A N/A $20,000

The above is just an example. The amount of coverage provided is up to you and your customers, based on the plans you choose. As an alternative, your customers may choose voluntary employee benefits where the employee pays 100 percent of the premium for life insurance.

Best-in-Class Carriers

Choose from our choice selection of A++ to A-rated insurance carriers to get the lowest rates, best-in-class service, and top employee benefit plans. Best of all, you enjoy the white-glove service of The DBL Center Ltd. We will help you compare options, select the best insurance products for your customers, write the plan, and manage and maintain the accounts. You cash your commission checks directly from the insurance carrier, and have the time and freedom to expand your book-of-business with new clients and new products. And your clients will save even more when you take advantage of our multi-line discounts.

Earn More Commission

Are you ready to earn more commission with Group Life / AD&D coverage?

Contact us and we will put together a competitive comparison letter for you, including Group Life Insurance plans tailored exclusively to your clients’ needs. There is no cost to you unless we write the policy with your choice of carrier. Call us today or email us for your free, personalized quote.