Give Your Clients Greater Peace of Mind with Long Term Disability Benefits

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Six out of 10 corporations offer long term disability insurance as a company benefit. Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act create financial challenges for employers and employees who get sick or become disabled. A generous long term disability insurance plan can help alleviate some of the financial strain, and improve the odds that the employees will return to work for the same organization as soon as they are able. Long term disability plans begin when state mandated DBL or temporary disability insurance stops, and help build employee loyalty and provide peace-of-mind for an employer.

Our LTD Plans From Top Insurance Carriers Offer Choices For Your Customers

We offer tiered plans from an elite list of carriers offering the best benefits for the money. Here’s an example.

  • Class I (Executives Only) – Covers 60% of salary to a maximum of $15,000/mos. up to age 65 if the individual is unable to perform their own occupation. 90- or 180-day waiting period.
  • Class II (Management Only) -Covers 60% of salary to $5,000/mos. up to age 65 if the individual is unable to perform their own occupation for two years and any occupation thereafter. 180 day waiting period.
  • Class III (All Other Employees) Covers 60% of salary up to $2,000/mos. for up to five years the individual is unable to perform their own occupation. 180 day waiting period.

As you can see from the example above, the executives in a company carry up to 90 percent of the premium, so it’s in their best interest to secure this coverage.

Long term disability as a group benefit is less expensive than individual disability insurance. The employer can cover the premiums in full, or may choose to have the employees contribute, making it a tax-free benefit for employees. In some cases, the corporation may opt to make long term disability insurance a voluntary benefit, with the employees paying 100 percent of the premium before taxes.

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Selling long term disability plans is a great way to earn more commission, while makes it easy because we manage and maintain the policies for you. Plans vary, and The DBL Center Ltd. can help you select the plans and carriers that are best for your clients.

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