Increase Commission By Selling Vision Coverage

Help your customers enhance their company benefits.

Following the Affordable Care Act, many healthcare insurance providers dropped vision coverage from their plans, or charge too much for these important company benefits. You can help your customers fill healthcare coverage gaps like vision and dental insurance for their employees.

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Group life AD&D

Looking for an insurance organization that can provide additional employee benefits such as temporary disability and auxiliary products like wholesale corporate Long Term Disability, group life AD&D, vision, and dental insurance?

Why Should Your Customers Invest in Vision Coverage?

  • Vision insurance often overlooked but important for employee health and well-being
  • Early detection of health issues such as diabetes and cancer through regular eye exams
  • Improve overall wellness of employees, resulting in reduced sick-time and increased productivity
  • Enhance retention of high-quality employees
  • Employers also receive coverage for themselves and their families at higher levels in a tiered plan

Vision insurance is important for employee health and well-being, regular eye exams can detect health issues early and improve overall employee wellness and productivity. It also enhances employee retention and employers receive coverage for themselves and their families at higher levels.

Choices for Your Customers, More Commission For You

There are a number of ways The DBL Center can help make vision coverage more affordable to your customers. We offer plans where the employer pays 100 percent, and we also offer voluntary coverage, where the employee pays a portion – or even 100 percent – of the premium before taxes.
We will work with you to select the vision plans that are best for your customers. As you focus on selling ancillary group benefits to your existing clients and expanding your book of business with new clients looking to fill the gaps created by healthcare reform, we will help. We manage and maintain all policies, but it is always your name on the policy as the owner. You cash your commission checks directly from the insurance carrier. And you enjoy the high level of service The DBL Center has been offering to its clients for more than 40 years.