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The DBL Center was at the forefront of providing Paid Family Leave across New York when the benefit was first introduced in 2017.  Even as we expand across the country, bringing our knowledge and experience to other states introducing paid family and medical leave programs, we maintain our solid commitment to serving New York insurance brokers and businesses.

Our growing team can assist with all your statutory and ancillary benefit needs, including DBL, PFL, and voluntary worksite benefits, for your New York-based clients.

Below are several downloadable resources for your reference, which are suitable to share with your clients. The DBL Center is always happy to serve as your back-office staff to help you grow your book of business and serve existing customers.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns via phone, email, or our online Chat function. You can also contact to schedule your free remote WebEx demo of our Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker, giving you access to your DBL/PFL accounts and more from any internet-enabled device.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Resources

COVID Updates

The DBL Center team is also working diligently to provide our customers with up-to-date information regarding New York Paid Family Leave during the coronavirus pandemic. Below are several downloadable resources for your reference and suitable to share with customers.

Brokers Coronavirus Questions About Short-term Disability, Answered

Federal “Families First Act” Should Relieve Pressure on PFL Claims Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Paid Family Leave Center Has the Tools and Information You Need

As your white glove wholesale insurance provider, The DBL Center has set up this Paid Family Leave Resource Center to answer all your questions about PFL – all in one place.

Scroll down to find our handy PFL calculator to check how much PFL coverage will cost your clients. Remember, this is a statutory benefit and premium rates are affordable. However, it can open doors to the sales of voluntary worksite benefits, ancillary benefits, and enriched DBL.

As the PFL benefit increases once again in 2023, it becomes more important than ever to offer employees who may never need PFL a robust benefit package of their own. Enriched DBL, dental, vision, Group Life / AD&D and LTD coverage can help your clients create a well-rounded benefits package for all employees, while increasing your commissions as an insurance broker.

Since PFL is a relatively new benefit, your clients may still have questions about its costs, requirements, and filing claims. Our Paid Family Leave Resource Center is designed to help.

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PFL Requires a Knowledgeable Insurance Broker

New York State broke new ground and set trends in 2017 when it announced the most generous and comprehensive Paid Family Leave policy available in any of the 50 states.

Written as a rider to New York State DBL (Disability Benefits Law) coverage, Paid Family Leave provides paid leave and job security to employees:

  • Who have a newborn, adopted or foster care child within the first 12 months of the event
  • Caring for a seriously ill family member
  • With a deployed spouse in the military


PFL Now Pays 67% of an Employee’s Average Weekly Wage

The benefits package far exceeds DBL payouts. PFL pays 67% of the state’s average weekly wage, with a maximum weekly benefit payout of $1,131.08 for up to 12 weeks.

Paid Family Leave is an employer-sponsored benefit. Employers collect funding for family leave gradually through payroll deductions over the course of the year. Collecting these premiums from payroll early alleviates some of the upfront financial burden on the employer.

In 2023, the max benefit average weekly wage annualized is $87,785.88. For 2023, the premium rate is 0.00454, with a maximum annual contribution of $399.43.

DBL Brokers Can Lead the Way

Paid Family Leave differs from DBL coverage in a number of other important ways, too. Employers are likely to look to their insurance brokers to help them navigate the specifics of these important, mandatory employee benefits.

Since the announcement of PFL coverage in February 2017, The DBL Center has been in front of the news. From live seminars to webinars, videos and blog posts, we have provided our brokers with the information they need to share with HR directors and company owners.

PFL affects companies of every size. It’s crucial for small business owners to understand what’s required and have a broker they trust to ensure they are in compliance with family leave laws.

Only Available from Select Carriers

Even though paid family leave coverage is a mandatory benefit, not every insurance carrier serving New York State has agreed to write this rider.

The DBL Center works with top carriers for PFL insurance so our brokers can increase their commissions with very little effort.

Enrich DBL Coverage At the Same Time

Commission on PFL coverage represents “found money” on a mandatory benefit for brokers. But companies should also consider enriching DBL benefits at the same time. Most states, including California, that provide paid family leave coverage offer comparable disability insurance coverage.

Employers should be able to offer their employees, whether they are taking care of themselves or a loved one, a fair, living wage. In New York, enriched DBL is the solution.

Be the Guide Your Clients Need for Family Leave

PFL coverage is new in New York. Employers and employees, alike, still have questions. The DBL Center is here to provide our usual white-glove, white-label service, enabling our brokers to guide their customers and easily issue DBL policies with Paid Family Leave riders.

Our team of insurance professionals acts as your expertly trained back-office staff to ensure customer satisfaction, fast commission checks, and service that exceeds your expectations on every level.

Learn More About Paid Family Leave from the DBL Center Now

PFL Forms & Documents

Paid Family Leave Calculator (2023 Rates)

Employee Wage and Contribution Estimates


Paid Family Leave Q&A Video with DBL’s Michael Cohen


Informational DBL Powerpoint slides on Paid Family Leave


Do You Need a Company Census for PFL Coverage?

AmTrust now requires its DBL customers to complete a company census online in order to purchase PFL coverage.
Learn how to complete the census by downloading the Census Creation Guide.


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