New York Disability Benefits Law Coverage

Make a difference with an Enriched NY DBL insurance plan

In New York, all businesses are required to have disability benefits law coverage. However, employers don't have to settle for the state minimum of $170 per week for 26 weeks for their employees. As an insurance agent, you have the opportunity to offer enhanced DBL insurance plans to your corporate and small business clients, helping them retain top talent and maintain business continuity. Our plans are similar to those offered in states like New Jersey and Hawaii. Contact us now to learn more.

Enhance Your DBL Coverage with Private Carriers

Personalized service, enhanced benefits, and commission opportunities

Are you missing out on personalized service and commission by writing your customers' Disability Benefits Law insurance through NYSIF? By choosing a private carrier, you can offer enhanced benefits to your clients, including more than the state minimum $170 per week, personalized service, and a choice of top carriers in New York State. With, you can expect policy ownership recognition, detailed information and a different kind of experience.

Unlock New Opportunities in the NJ TDB Market

Convert customers and earn more commission with privatized disability benefits

Are you aware that 98 percent of NJ TDB policies are held by the state? This presents a huge opportunity for brokers to convert their customers to privatized short term disability benefits and earn more commission. With DBL Center handling the legwork, it's a simple and profitable addition to your brokerage. Contact us now to learn more about the possibilities in this wide open market.

Join Hawaii's Largest TDI Underwriter

Generous benefits, personalized service, and more commission

Your clients can join more than 3,500 satisfied business owners in Hawaii by choosing The DBL Center Ltd. as their Temporary Disability Insurance provider. We have been offering off-the-job disability benefits in Hawaii since 1986 and are currently the largest TDI underwriter in the state. Our benefits are some of the most generous in the nation, offering up to $765 per week in 2023 and our premium rates are not changing in 2023. Contact us now for personalized service and more commission opportunities.

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Expand Your Book

Do you want to expand your book of business by selling enhanced DBL, TDI, and TDB insurance, as well as increasing your commissions through ancillary products?

The service you receive from your wholesale insurance broker is up to you.

In New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii, it is mandatory for all employers to carry short term state disability insurance for their employees. The cost and weekly benefit amounts vary by state, as do employers’ options for purchasing this insurance.

As an insurance agent, you can offer your clients in New York coverage through New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) disability and their employees will receive the minimum required amount of benefits. You may also choose to offer business owners in Hawaii and New Jersey the option of purchasing their temporary disability insurance (TDI) or temporary disability benefits insurance (TDB) from their respective states.

What many insurance agents – and the business owners they service — don’t know is that they can save their customers money and offer enhanced benefits by purchasing state disability insurance through a private carrier – and get compensated for it.

Is $170 a Week Enough for Anyone To Live On? The State of New York Thinks So!

The state minimum coverage per employee in New York remains at rates set in 1989. That means temporarily disabled employees and employees on maternity leave receive just $170 / week from NYSIF disability. In the event of a catastrophic illness or injury, what employee could live on that without some form of supplemental coverage? A mother on maternity leave could spend almost that much on diapers and formula. Employees need more than that if they are unable to work for a short time due to illness, injury or childbirth, and employers will improve morale, retention, and long-term productivity by providing it.

It’s as simple as this: In today’s competitive employment environment, if business owners want to attract top talent in any sector, they have to offer their employees more – more coverage, more options, and more security. As their insurance agent of choice, you are in a unique position to offer that enhanced coverage and multi-line discounts on other insurance products that are crucial for business continuity and their employees’ peace-of-mind.

Privatized disability insurance pays commissions, while the state funds do not.

That’s right – this is a huge segment of business you are missing out on if you don’t show your customers the benefits of enriched Disability Benefits Law coverage, Temporary Disability Insurance or Temporary Disability Benefits.

Enhanced Benefits, Competitive Rates and White-Glove Service

As a top insurance agent, when you purchase your NY DBL disability benefits law insurance, Hawaii temporary disability insurance, or New Jersey temporary disability benefits from, you can not only offer your clients competitive rates and earn top commissions for yourself, you’ll experience a whole new level of service.

The DBL Center Ltd. manages and maintains your small business and corporate clients, while you remain the owner of the insurance policy. Your company name and insurance company code number is on every application, and you remain in the loop about your client’s policies so you can serve your customers better.

Meanwhile, The DBL Center Ltd. remains committed to providing you and your clients with a white-glove experience as your back-office support staff. When you purchase insurance from us your clients enjoy the options of filing and tracking claims online, choosing the form-of-payment (check or debit card) for temporary disability income, and choosing the pay schedule to more closely mirror the pay schedule for on-the-job employees, so collecting disability is less of a shock to the budgets of employees. Most importantly, with enriched DBL, Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB), or Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI), employers can offer more than the state minimum for disability insurance. This has been shown to help foster employee loyalty, increase company morale, and aid in recruiting efforts.