Dental Benefits Enhance your Book of Busines

Help your small business and corporate customers keep pace in today’s changing healthcare insurance climate with dental benefits.

At The DBL Center, we know that dental benefits are rapidly disappearing with the Affordable Care Act and healthcare insurance reform. Yet, today’s Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses know the importance of dental care and the value of offering dental benefits to their employees.  
That’s why we continue to offer the best dental benefits plans from A+ rated, best-in-class insurance carriers at a low cost to your clients, resulting in easy sales and more commissions for you and your insurance agency. We also offer voluntary benefits for corporations who do not want to contribute to the premium, enabling the employees to pay 100% and still receive high-quality, affordable dental coverage.  

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Do you want to expand your book of business by selling enhanced DBL, TDI, and TDB insurance, as well as increasing your commissions through ancillary products?


Most Major Corporations Offer Dental Coverage

Approximately 86 percent of all corporations with more than 1,000 lives offer dental benefits, and employees rank dental benefits as “somewhat” or “very” important. Yet, less than half of small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) offer dental coverage. In a competitive market, SMBs can attract top talent with a comprehensive company benefits that include dental coverage. A good dental plan can also improve retention of top employees in businesses of any size. Even if they already provide group dental as part of their company benefit plans, your customers might be able to afford a more desirable plan when you shop through Our plans have more in-network dentists than competitive plans offered by other general agencies, and more than 180,000 locations for treatment.

Emphasis on Preventative Dental Care

Our dental benefits plans are affordable, and will remain so, because they emphasize preventative care, including cleanings, exams, sealants and fluoride treatments that keep employees’ teeth healthy and bright, reducing the risk of expensive oral surgery and emergency treatment claims.

Even though the Affordable Care Act has slashed dental benefits within most healthcare plans, regular dental care remains an important part of employee health and wellness. Medical professionals site a link between gum disease or gingivitis and heart disease – whether as a cause or an indicator, the evidence is inconclusive. But it is certain that healthy teeth and a healthy heart go hand-in-hand, and regular preventative dental care is an important part of holistic health.

Additionally, employees with healthy teeth smile take less sick days due to pain or tooth aches, and may even perform better in sales and customer service related positions. Because teeth – and your smile – are an important part of first impressions, employees with a straight, bright healthy smile and whiter teeth are perceived to be more successful and more confident, studies show.

Easy Enrollment for Your Customers’ Dental Benefits


As always, when you purchase group dental plans for your customers through, you can expect a high level of personalized service. We manage and maintain your policies, but you own the policies and have access to all the plan information. Unlike dealing with other general agencies, our insurance carriers pay your commission directly to you.