New York State Disability Insurance

Our service sets us apart

New York State short-term disability insurance, also known as New York Disability Benefits Law coverage, is mandatory insurance coverage for employees who are ill, injured (except when injured on the job) or have just given birth or adopted or fostered a child within the past 12 months.

When insurance is purchased through the New York State Insurance Fund, employees receive a maximum of $170 a week for 26 weeks, beginning one week after filing their claim. If you’re an insurance agent offering statutory disability in the state of New York, you have probably written many of these policies. You may not think there’s much of a difference in your choice of carrier if your clients choose the New York State minimum plan under Disability Benefits Law. But that’s just not true.

If you are writing your customers' DBL through NYSIF, you are missing out on two key elements – personalized service and commission. When you write your customers’ DBL policies through a private carrier, you can offer enriched benefits to give employees more than the state minimum $170 per week, personalized service, and a choice of top carriers in New York State.

Additionally, when you purchase DBL coverage through other general agencies, your company name and code number are missing from the application, and policy ownership is not recognized by the insurance carrier. You may not even receive specific information about the policy that would permit you to serve your clients better. With The DBL Center you can expect a different kind of experience.

White-Glove Service And Support

When you place your trust in The DBL Center and our five decades of experience as disability benefits law insurance packages, you and your clients will receive a whole-new level of service.

From our instant, binding application that lets you prepare quotes from multiple carriers in minutes, to our white-glove service-after-the-sale, you’ll see the difference The DBL Center makes for insurance agents.
Your name and insurance company code number is on every application, and you own every policy. We serve as your back-office support staff to manage and maintain the policies, so you can focus on selling more New York State Temporary Disability Insurance, diversifying your product lines if you want with other niche products, and earning more commission.

Quick And Easy Binded Applications For New York State DBL

Compare rates with select disability benefits law insurance carriers in New York State now and receive your binding quote for companies with less than 50 lives in seconds. Simply select a carrier, fill out the appropriate fields, and click submit. Your application will be bound with the insurance company you chose, with a copy sent to your agency and our offices. We will continue to manage and maintain the policy while you receive your commission checks directly from the insurance carrier.