Temporary Disability Insurance in Hawaii

Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance TDI provides disability compensation for workers in Hawaii who are sick or injured with non work related causes. TDI claims are separate from sick leave provided by employers and may provide up to $765 in maximum weekly benefits through Hawaii’s disability compensation division. Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance TDI benefits are some of the most generous in the nation, offering up to $765 maximum weekly benefits in 2023. The new state weekly maximum taxable payroll has increased from $1,200.30 to $1,318.48 in 2023. There will be no change to TDI pooled premium rates in 2023.

Temporary Disability Insurance Is Just the Beginning  

Enhancing Employee Benefits in Hawaii: The Importance of TDI and Additional Coverage

Most Hawaiian business owners won’t see a great need to enhance their TDI benefits, but they can make their company more appealing to top talent with enhanced benefits packages provided by InsuranceWholesaler.net and sold by your insurance agency.
From LTD to Group Life AD&D, and expanded healthcare benefits that include vision and dental coverage, InsuranceWholesaler.net and our Honolulu office is your one-stop shop for employee benefit insurance coverage, providing fast and easy rate quotes, stellar service, and multi-line discounts so your customers save money while you earn more commission. Partner with the largest temporary disability insurance TDI wholesaler in Hawaii now.

Your clients can join more than 3,500 satisfied business owners in Hawaii.

The DBL Center Ltd. has been offering Temporary Disability Insurance, Hawaii’s off-the-job disability benefits, out of our Honolulu office since 1986. As the largest Hawaii TDI underwriter in the state, we currently insure more than 3,500 clients in the Hawaiian Islands.

So what sets The DBL Center Ltd. apart with our TDI insurance offerings?

It’s the level of service we provide to insurance agents in Hawaii. We are always there when you need us, whether you are looking to make more money with ancillary insurance benefits, or simply have a question about a client’s policy.