Vision CoverageAlong with employee retention and finding the right employee benefits to keep and retain workers, absence management has become one of the biggest challenges for business owners and human resource departments in 2022.

Paid time off becomes more difficult to manage as employees work from home or request flex-time. Managers deal with employees taking time off due to COVID, quarantines following exposure, and childcare issues if children are forced to stay home from school in quarantine.

Amidst all of these challenges, workers are suffering burnout at increasing rates, leaving managers unsure of how to improve company morale and retain high-quality talent.

One study from, reported by Forbes, found that 52% of survey respondents said they were experiencing burn-out in 2021, compared to 43% in a pre-pandemic survey.

Managing employee absences becomes a big part of the puzzle to improving morale. Having the right systems in place can ensure employees are receiving the time off they need and deserve, being compensated for that time, and also returning to work in a timely manner once their leave is done. This helps ensure financial security for workers, while making it easier for managers to ensure that duties are fulfilled and jobs are completed in the workplace.

How DBL Center Can Help Your Clients with Absence Management

The DBL Center recently partnered with a top absence management firm to deliver absent management services to our broker’s clients. Your brokerage can become a one-stop shop for paid family and medical leave, short-term and long-term disability, ancillary benefits, and – now – absence management services. Best of all, you don’t have to administer the services, since The DBL Center and our partners are your back-office staff.

How To Use Absence Management to Improve Your Service and Increase Commissions

You may not have considered selling absence management services to your insurance clients in the past. But generous employee benefits combined with absence management services can help improve retention rates and make it easier to recruit employees in today’s tight labor market. Your clients need these services now more than ever.

While some companies will not write ancillary benefits on a stand-alone basis, The DBL Center can. We can provide short-term disability, vision, dental, and Group Life / AD&D down to 50 lives. With the money your clients save, you can present them with absence management and leave administration services to save additional time, money and resources.

Benefits of Outsourcing Absence Management

Companies who outsource absence management do not have to struggle to keep up with ever-changing federal, state, and local laws. They might experience less employee abuse of paid time off and sick leave policies. They can be certain they are maintaining adequate records of sick leave and absenteeism. Most importantly, they can be confident they are in compliance with regulations related to the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Consistent, well-managed sick leave and paid time off policies can help boost morale by ensuring adequate coverage for employees who are off and ensuring employees do not abuse time off.

If you can provide your clients with these services – at substantial discounts – you will continue to build their trust and grow your book of business through easy renewals and expanded benefits packages.

Let The DBL Center Do The Work So You Can Reap the Rewards

The DBL Center’s proprietary Broker Dashboard software can help track leave administration, as well as your commissions, renewals, and cancellations for short-term disability policies.

You have probably seen the need for solid, professional, outsourced absence management services in your own organization, as well as for your clients.

Give us a call to discuss new absence management services provided through The DBL Center.