Help your customers enhance their company benefits

Affordable options, paid for with pre tax dollars, plus increased commission for brokers

The DBL Center offers insurance agents to expand their book of business and earn more commission by offering ancillary benefit packages that include Group Life AD&D, long-term disability, vision insurance, and dental benefits. These benefits can improve employee morale and retention, and are highly attractive in today's competitive job market. Plus, these ancillary insurance products don't rely on employer contributions, so your clients will love that you are resolving the pain points of recruiting and retention without costing them money.

With our multi-line discounts and assistance in selecting the best plans and carriers for customers, your clients can save money on their employee benefits. The DBL Center manages and maintains the accounts for you, providing a high level of personalized service.

Help your customers enhance their company benefits

Affordable options and increased commission for insurance brokers

The DBL Center helps insurance brokers make vision coverage more affordable for their customers by offering a variety of plans, including employer-paid and voluntary options. Our team works with brokers to select the best plans and handles policy management, while allowing brokers to maintain ownership and receive direct commission payments. With over 40 years of experience, we provide a high level of service to help brokers sell ancillary group benefits and expand their business. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of selling vision coverage.

Dental benefits for staying ahead in healthcare insurance

Emphasis on Preventative Dental Care

The DBL Center offers top-rated dental benefits plans at a low cost for small businesses and corporations, despite the decline in dental coverage due to healthcare reform. Our easy-to-sell plans from top-rated carriers result in increased commission for insurance brokers. We also offer voluntary benefits for employees to pay 100% of the premium and still receive high-quality, affordable dental coverage.

Long-term disability benefits for client peace of mind.

Earn more commission with this easy up-sell.

Six out of 10 corporations offer long term disability insurance as a company benefit. Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act create financial challenges for employers and employees who get sick or become disabled. A generous long term disability insurance plan can help alleviate some of the financial strain, and improve the odds that the employees will return to work for the same organization as soon as they are able. Long term disability plans begin when state mandated DBL or temporary disability insurance stops, and help build employee loyalty and provide peace-of-mind for an employer

Help Your Customers Stay Ahead with Better Employee Benefit Plans

Earn more commission with group ancillary benefits.

The DBL Center Ltd offers a range of top-rated insurance carriers to provide the lowest rates, best service, and best employee benefit plans for your clients. Our team will assist you in comparing options, selecting the best insurance products, managing and maintaining the accounts and you will receive commission checks directly from the insurance carrier. This will allow you to expand your book-of-business with new clients and products, while also offering multi-line discounts for your clients

At DBL assistance for low conversion life insurance benefit, is what we do.

We help you Understanding Life Insurance Options

Did you know there are 30 great reasons for people to invest in life insurance? From the basics of caring for your family and paying for your funeral, to protecting your assets from becoming tax liabilities after you’re gone, a tax-free insurance policy makes life financially easier for those who remain.

Critical Illness Coverage Income Details For Brokers

Depending on the specific critical illness health insurance plan, the money can be used toward:

Critical illness insurance plans offered by DBL can cover a wide range of expenses including mortgage or rent payments, living expenses, medical bills or co-pays, rehabilitation costs, experimental treatments not covered by insurance, medical second opinions and medical-related travel. The plan can start at the diagnosis of illness and provide a lump sum payout, giving you the financial support you need when you need it most. As statistics show, many Americans struggle with medical bills and lack of savings. Our plans can also assist with co-pays and deductibles.

Let the DBL Center Help You Grow Your Book of Business

We can help you tapp into this lucrative market

With The DBL Center at your side, it’s easy to bring in new business with existing customers. We act as your back office staff to manage your accounts and provide state-of-the-art technology to help you track sales, renewals, cancellations and commissions. Use our Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker to find opportunities to upsell your customers on voluntary worksite benefits, including accident insurance, and get a head start on building your best year ever.

What to Look for In Disability Income Insurance

Affordable options and increased commission for insurance brokers

For decades, The DBL Center has helped thousands of brokers across the United States provide disability income and other ancillary coverage to their customers. We offer disability income replacement insurance direct-to-the-customer, as well as through our extensive broker network. We manage, maintain, and service all policies, offering peace-of-mind, convenience, and competitive rates.

“We re-wrote our entire book to DBL Center on Day One, after two meetings with Michael [Cohen, President]. We believe in the team, we believe in the staff, and so far, we’re off to a great start in this soon to be longstanding relationship.”


Sun Life and the DBL Center have been working closely together for roughly 15 years. Throughout this time, the DBL Center has proven to be a great partner. They do an outstanding job advising and advocating for our mutual clients.


When my renewals come in, I’m getting a flat renewal with DBL Center. I know if I was working with the carrier, I’d be getting increases and negotiating on behalf of my clients every time. Working with DBL Center, I get flat renewals and my clients are happy.



Earn More Commission

Expand your book of business with ancillary benefit offerings

For savvy brokers, getting your foot in the door with mandatory disability benefits, such as Temporary Disability in Hawaii (TDI), disability benefits law (DBL) in New York, and TDB in New Jersey is just the beginning.

  • Expand to serve Fortune 500 CEOs & small businesses
  • Multi-line discounts when you buy Group Life AD&D
  • We manage & maintain all your accounts
  • High level of personalized service

Group Life AD&D

Six out of 10 corporations offer Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D) as part of company benefits? Earn more commission with this easy sale.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Help employers give their workers greater peace-of-mind with long-term disability.

Dental Benefits

Keep dental in your clients’ employee benefit plans, by offering low-cost dental insurance for companies of any size.

Vision Coverage

With cuts to health insurance, many people no longer have coverage for glasses and contacts. Enhance your clients’ employee benefits packages with our plans.

Ancillary Group Partners

Allow DBL center to assist you in tailoring a plan from among our recommended insurance carriers