Ancillary Group Benefits

Earn more commission when you expand your book of business with these ancillary group benefits.

For savvy insurance agents, getting your foot in the door with mandatory disability insurance benefits, such as Temporary Disability Insurance in Hawaii (TDI), disability benefits law (DBL) coverage in New York, and temporary disability benefits (TDB) in New Jersey is just the beginning.

Fortune 500 CEOs and small business owners, alike, know that offering the best ancillary group benefits helps improve morale, increase retention, and attract the best talent in a highly competitive employment market. As their insurance agent of choice, you can offer these expanded employee benefits packages underwritten by The DBL Center Ltd, and earn more commission easily.

With our multi-line discounts when you buy Group Life AD&D, long-term disability insurance, vision coverage, and dental benefits, your customers save money, making employee benefits plans even more enticing. Our underwriters can help you select the plans and carriers that work best for your customers, offer free and fast quotes, and provide binding applications in minutes.

Best of all, we manage and maintain these accounts for you, with the same high level of personalized service that has made us the top choice in the New York Tri-State area and Hawaii for disability insurance.

Disability insurance is just the beginning. Earn more commission with ancillary group benefits now. 

Group Life AD&D

Six out of 10 corporations offer Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D) coverage as part of company benefits? Earn more commission with this easy sale.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Help your corporate insurance clients give their employees greater peace-of-mind with long-term disability insurance.

Dental Benefits

Keep dental in your clients’ employee benefit plans by offering low-cost dental insurance for companies of any size.

Vision Coverage

With cuts to healthcare benefits, many people no longer have coverage for glasses and contacts. Enhance your clients’ employee benefits packages with our plans.