Voluntary Worksite Benefits

Voluntary worksite benefits provide employees with the flexibility to choose the coverage that best suits their needs and budget.

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Health Insurance From Top Carriers

Do you purchase your health insurance from a top carrier, but find the organization is lacking in the knowledge to service your other accounts?

Voluntary Worksite Benefits and Hospital Indemnity Insurance

In an era of uncertainty, workers and business owners, alike, want to be protected against worst-case scenarios. Voluntary worksite benefits, including hospital indemnity insurance and critical illness protection, offers partial income replacement and money to cover medical bills and hospital care.

Replace Income During a Medical Emergency or Critical Illness

In states that offer statutory disability, like New Jersey and New York, or paid family and medical leave, like Connecticut and Massachusetts, critical illness protection or critical health insurance can supplement this income. In other states, critical illness protection is important to help employees pay bills and help business owners maintain their standard of living even in the event of an accident or long-term critical illness.

About Voluntary Worksite Benefits or Ancillary Benefits

Voluntary worksite benefits, often called ancillary benefits, encompass a wide range of coverage options including: DBL Center brokers can bundle benefits together for your clients for added cost savings and a single-point-of-contact for greater client satisfaction. Meanwhile you can boost your bottom line and grow your book of business with less work

Long-term disability

Group Life / AD&D

Dental insurance

Vision coverage

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Critical illness protection

Accident coverage

Multiple Coverage Options for Peace-of-Mind

Especially today, employers are looking to offer their workers the best benefits packages available to cover them in virtually every contingency. Our country has faced some of the most challenges times in recent history during the pandemic. People are coming out of the emergency situation with a better grasp of their finances and knowledge of what they need to survive – and thrive – financially in difficult times. Hospital indemnity insurance plans may offer Day-1 coverage for COVID-19 and other illnesses, unlimited pregnancy coverage, and options for coverage of mental health and substance abuse disorders. Accident coverage may provide lump-sum cash payouts for 80+ accidental, off-the-job injuries. Some policies may offer flexible features such as coverage for childcare, home health care, joint replacement surgery and even alternative treatments such as acupuncture. Critical illness protection, or critical health insurance, can also provide coverage for those suffering from COVID-19, long-haul COVID-19 patients, and a variety of other common critical illnesses including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and symptoms related to diabetes. Policies are flexible and employers can choose coverage for specific illnesses to increase coverage for at-risk populations or reduce coverage to lower premiums.

Leverage The DBL Center’s Relationships with Top Carriers for the Best Rates

The DBL Center works with top insurance carriers in the industry to secure the best premium pricing and robust benefits packages for our insurance brokers across the U.S. Benefits may be offered individually or bundled as packages for added cost savings and convenience. Critical illness insurance has flexible payment options for employers, making these benefits choices a no-brainer for many company leaders and HR executives looking to recruit and retain top talent in a highly competitive environment. Employers can choose from:

  • 100% employee-paid voluntary benefits
  • Employer-paid benefits
  • Cost-sharing options

Take Advantage of Our Broker Dashboard and Our Knowledgeable Team

The DBL Center’s proprietary Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker makes it easy for you to track renewals, cancellations, and commissions, and to spot opportunities to upsell voluntary worksite benefits to loyal clients. Our team, including Larry Estridge, our Regional Vice President for Group Worksite Benefits and Lori S. Rose, our AVP of Ancillary Lines, can help you find the best employee benefits solutions for your clients. Reach out today to grow your book of business with voluntary worksite benefits, critical illness insurance, and hospital indemnity insurance.