Sun Life and the DBL Center have been working closely together for roughly 15 years. Throughout this time, the DBL Center has proven to be a great partner. They do an outstanding job advising and advocating for our mutual clients. In addition, my team and I view Michael as a true resource for anything statutory benefits related.

Derek Warner
AVP, Group Market Manager – New England & Greater New York, Sun Life Financial

The DBL Center, led by Michael Cohen, has significantly assisted ShelterPoint Life (“ShelterPoint”) over the years in becoming New York’s insurance leader in statutory disability and paid family leave programs. Michael’s understanding of, and commitment to, these programs was learned by him from his father, the legendary David Cohen. Under Michael’s leadership, The DBL Center has continued to thrive. Their recently deployed “Broker Dashboard” tool allows his brokers to monitor their clients’ paid premiums and commissions earned. This, in turn, facilitates prompt action by the broker on delinquent premium payments and payment errors. Michael and his team worked extremely closely with ShelterPoint on two separate occasions where a carrier exited the statutory DBL or DBL/PFL space. His pro-active communications and outreach to the brokerage community helped assure these policyholders had an alternative carrier in the market and a smooth transition to ShelterPoint. The entire DBL Center team did the right thing by focusing on what was in the best interests of the broker’s policyholder. Michael also advocates thoughtfully and effectively on behalf of his brokerage community. This advocacy is communicated to us via an ongoing and healthy exchange of market insight, candid discussion of evolving product needs, and Michael’s tireless follow- up. ShelterPoint first began working with The DBL Center in 1985 and we look forward to continued mutual success.

Richard A. White
Chief Executive Officer – ShelterPoint

I remember the day, about 27 years ago, that I was introduced to David Cohen. Since that time, The DBL Center, to me, has been a general agency front-runner. Michael Cohen has taken the achievements of Dave and expanded in new directions. I value the relationship between The DBL Center and Standard Security and I look forward to many years of mutual successes.

Valmaria Strobel
Vice President – DBL Underwriting Standard Security Life Ins. Co. of NY

“Arch Insurance and DBL Center have built a strong partnership through mutual respect and a common goal to service our customers. The DBL Center staff are experts in their field and are always finding innovative ways to expand the business.”

Thomas Foschino
Vice President, Accident & Health – Arch Insurance Group Inc.

“ I started in this business about 18 years ago and the DBL Center was one of the first offices I had visited. At that time it was only Dave, Eugene, and Lisa. I had quickly formed a unique relationship with the original 3 of which I still highly value today, both on a personal and professional level. Although I was only 21, Dave treated me like one of the guys and we connected until his unfortunate passing 3 years ago. I remember when Mike joined the office and since we were the same age, it was an instant connection. Since that time we have developed a strong personal friendship and professional relationship. Mike was able to develop the DBL Center relationships and expand on them to broaden the base of brokers and the services they were going to offer. Although DBL is in the name of the company, they are able to offer so much more than that. This expansion has been great to witness and the core principles of the DBL Center have remained intact. The service that every member of the DBL Center provide is valued by their brokers and clients. Mike is lucky to have such a great workforce to compliment him and the services they provide. It’s been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to the next 18 years working together!!!!!!”

Daniel Saltzman
President – Arista Investors Corp

At Lincoln we value working with Michael, and his entire team at the DBL Center. They challenge us to think creatively, or “outside of the box”, to assure we are meeting the specific needs of their producers and the clients in which they represent. The passion in which they approach every opportunity is contagious, and it inspires my team to perform at the highest level.

Chuck Callery
RVP – Lincoln Financial Group

“We re-wrote our entire book to DBL Center on Day One, after two meetings with Michael [Cohen, President]. We believe in the team, we believe in the staff, and so far, we’re off to a great start in this soon to be longstanding relationship.”

Matthew Avellino
President and CEO – AC Risk Management, Merrick, NY

“The DBL Center is second to none when it comes to the services it provides. They’re innovative in technology and they are streamlined in their efficiencies to deliver to the end user. They assist in ways no other company could match. They’re the best.”

Jason Cavallo
Hotaling Property & Casualty, LLC, New York, NY

“When my renewals come in, I’m getting a flat renewal with DBL Center. I know if I was working with the carrier, I’d be getting increases and negotiating on behalf of my clients every time. Working with DBL Center, I get flat renewals and my clients are happy.”

Chris Metzger
Blair Insurance, Melville, NY