The DBL Center offers its brokers a better way to track renewals, cancellations, and commissions

The DBL Center, a statutory insurance wholesaler with more than 40 years of experience, continues to lead the statutory insurance industry with cutting-edge technology. This week, The DBL Center launched the Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker app in the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. The launch of the app enables brokers to work from anywhere while providing superior levels of customer service to their clients.

Track Renewals, Cancellations, and Commissions from an iOS Mobile Device

Already garnering five-star ratings and close to 200 downloads, the app is patterned after The DBL Center’s proprietary Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker cloud-based software solution for statutory insurance brokers across the northeast and beyond.

Offering all the functionality of the Broker Dashboard desktop application, the Broker Dashboard app for iPhone and iPad puts the capability to track renewals, cancellations, and commissions at broker’s fingertips.

The DBL Center also recently released a video detailing the capabilities of the Broker Dashboard software.

DBL Center: Helping Brokers Embrace Change

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, studies show approximately 62 to 64% of U.S. employees shifted to remote work. Experts predict the trend to continue even after the pandemic ends. Through technology, resilience, and understanding, the statutory insurance industry can embrace this change and take the opportunity to be able to deliver even higher levels of service to business owners.

“If you run an insurance agency, it’s more important than ever to be able to manage a remote workforce and give your producers the tools they need to do their jobs – in their office or at home,” says DBL Center President and CEO Michael Cohen. “With the Broker Dashboard app for iPhone and iPad, the tools brokers need are just a touch away.”

About The DBL Center Ltd.

With 40+ years in the insurance industry, The DBL Center services 100,000 insured corporations through 4,000 brokers across 15 states as a wholesale insurance general agency. The DBL Center specializes in DBL, PFL, TDB, TDI, and PFML in Massachusetts and Connecticut. For more information, visit, call 800.325.2777 or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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