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The DBL Center, a wholesale general agency, has been breaking new ground when it comes to providing superior customer service and a tech-forward approach to statutory disability sales for insurance brokers.

The Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker software-as-a-service enables brokers to:

  • Write quotes
  • Track renewals and cancellations
  • Track commissions

The dashboard provides brokers with everything they need from an account management basis to compare premiums and bind policies easily from anywhere they happen to be.

Accessible from mobile phone, PC, or desktop computer, the Broker Dashboard was met with accolades from brokers as a great way to stay on top of renewals and cancellations and to manage their business from anywhere.

Broker Dashboard Increases Functionality and Adds New Features with iOS App

In September 2020, nearly 3 years from the date of its launch, the Broker Dashboard got its own app in the Apple App store. Available for iOS users (iPhone and iPad mobile devices) the app brings all the functionality of the Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker SaaS to any iOS mobile device.

User-friendly and intuitive, the app is the future of statutory disability insurance in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts – and beyond.

The DBL Center is offering brokers a free live demo of the Broker Dashboard: Net Revenue Tracker and its new features. Brokers who take advantage of the demo will receive free access to the Broker Dashboard for all their accounts.

The statutory insurance business is built on return customers and repetitive commissions. “As my father and DBL Center founder David Cohen used to say, ‘It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.’ In these challenging times, The DBL Center helps brokers retain more of their business for greater profitability,” says DBL Center CEO Michael Cohen.

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With 40+ years in the insurance industry, The DBL Center services 100,000 insured corporations through 4,000 brokers across 15 states as a wholesale insurance general agency. The DBL Center specializes in DBL, PFL, TDB, TDI, and PFML in Massachusetts and Connecticut. For more information, visit, call 800.325.2777 or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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