The DBL Center, a wholesale general agency with 40+ years of insurance industry relationships, wants to help New Jersey business owners privatize NJ temporary disability insurance for possible cost savings and white-glove service.

Privatized NJ temporary disability insurance offers businesses:

  • Potentially lower rates
  • Superior customer service
  • Faster payouts, choice of payment methods
  • Choice of carriers
  • Easier claims process
  • Less red tape

By law, premiums must be the same or lower than NJ temporary disability insurance written through the state. Private New Jersey TDB benefits must be the same as – or better – than those offered by the state.

Premiums for NJ Temporary Disability Insurance Increase

New Jersey has a robust disability benefits package. In January 2020, New Jersey TDB payouts increased to 66.67% of a worker’s average weekly salary, up to $667 per week. As of July 1, 2020, the benefit grows to 85% of a worker’s average weekly salary, capped at $881 per week.

With these benefit increases come a change in premium payments, too.

Employees now contribute .26% on the first $134,900 of earnings, with a maximum annual contribution of $350.74. Employers contribute based on employees’ earnings, with a cap of $35,000.

Is It Time for Business Owners to Privatize New Jersey TDB?

June 30, 2020 represents the next deadline to privatize New Jersey TDB.

Working through The DBL Center’s vast network of brokers, businesses can write privatized New Jersey TDB policies in three simple steps.

1. Obtain form AC-174.

Insurance brokers can no longer download the AC-174 form for their customers. Employers must visit the New Jersey Department of Labor website and fill out the Employer Application.

2. The DBL Center works with brokers to shop policies through a network of top-rated carriers.

The DBL Center does all the work from here. “We leverage our industry relationships and volume to find the lowest premiums. Many of our brokers save even more for their customers by bundling New Jersey TDB with ancillary benefits like vision, dental, and life insurance,” says DBL Center President and CEO Michael Cohen.

3 Enjoy exemplary service with privatized NJ temporary disability benefits (TDB). 

DBL Center provides its New Jersey TDB brokers with the tools, resources, and relationships to deliver low rates, exemplary service, and benefits business owners can trust.

“The world seems to be changing here in the Northeast U.S. every day,” says Cohen. “The service New Jersey business owners receive from The DBL Center and our network of broker partners is one thing they can always count on.”

About The DBL Center Ltd.

Celebrating 40+ years in the insurance industry, The DBL Center services 100,000 insured corporations through 4,000 brokers across 15 states as a wholesale insurance general agency. The DBL Center specializes in Disability Benefits Law (DBL) and PFL (Paid Family Leave) coverage in New York, Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) in New Jersey, and Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) in Hawaii. The DBL Center also underwrites, manages and maintains Group Life/AD&D, vision, and dental packages, as well as individual life and income replacement policies, giving brokers and their customers the benefits of multi-line discounts and a single point-of-contact.

Through its dedication to personalized, concierge-level service, The DBL Center Ltd. remains true to its roots as a family- owned and operated, relationship-focused wholesale insurance agency. is the company’s gateway to premium service, low insurance rates, and high commissions.

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