Previously, we discussed ways that Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) can protect the financial assets of the high earners in any organization. But DI plays an important role in balanced health care coverage.

Post-pandemic, employers are still working to recruit and retain top employees and to prevent falling victim to trends like “quiet quitting,” where an employee shows up for work but isn’t fully invested in the company or results. And, of course, now more than ever with inflation at the foreground, employers are looking to control costs while delivering more valuable benefits to employees.

Individual Disability Insurance represents an affordable, practical solution to these challenges and more. But it’s important for insurance brokers to know how to position this benefit and overcome objections to increase sales.

Understanding these four advantages of IDI can help.

IDI Can Supplement LTD for a Company’s High Earners – Including Owners

We covered the advantages of IDI for a company with many high earners in this post. Emphasize the fact that group coverage is a great foundation. But many executive employees may need additional insurance based on the maximum monthly benefit cap for LTD.

Understand that Individual Disability Insurance Can Stabilize the Cost of LTD Over Time

The DBL Center can work with you to redesign your clients’ LTD benefits package. By reducing the LTD maximum benefits and then offering IDI for individuals earning more than $200,000, the new program reduced LTD costs for the firm. The premium cost for the combination plan was slightly higher than the original program but will stabilize the costs of LTD over time. As older, higher paid employees retire and younger executive officers join the team, IDI premiums will go down while the LTD benefits will remain the same.

IDI Can Be Written as an Employee-Paid Benefit

Insurance brokers often hear that clients don’t want to increase their benefit costs right now at a time when the cost of everything else in the supply chain, including energy, maintaining and operating fleet vehicles, and even the price of equipment and consumables is going up.

Group LTD and individual DI coverage are both available on an employee-paid, voluntary basis. By offering IDI as an option, you are passing costs onto higher paid employees who can afford to make the decision to secure their financial future – and probably have the insight to do so.

You can also offer these benefits on a shared-cost basis. By bundling the two products and offering multi-life DI, you may still qualify for discounts through The DBL Center’s top-rated carriers.

IDI Is Part of a Balanced Healthcare Plan

Recruiting and retention is one of the top challenges for employers in virtually every industry today. Robust employee benefits packages have been shown to reduce turnover rates, which saves money for employers in the long run.

If an employee becomes ill or injured, health insurance covers hospital stays, doctors’ bills, and typically medication and treatments. But that’s not the whole picture. Individual Disability Insurance, along with other voluntary worksite benefits, can help an employee make ends meet and reduce financial stress. Alleviating financial worries can often lead to faster recovery. The right benefits package can also reduce turnover and foster a sense of employee loyalty, something that is shown to be lacking in today’s workplaces.

The right employee benefits packages are more important than ever when so many workers are voicing dis-satisfaction, contemplating job hopping, and demanding more from employers.

You may even be facing the same challenges in your insurance agency. Showing empathy toward your clients while sharing affordable solutions will help you meet the needs of today’s workforce and build lifelong customers.

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