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    Are you ready to experience the white glove service The DBL Center Ltd. has been providing to insurance brokers for more than 40 years? Do you want to expand your book of business by selling enhanced DBL, TDI, and TDB insurance, as well as increasing your commissions through ancillary products?

    Give us a call or send us an email and one of our highly experienced team members will help get you started. When you have a team of professionals on your side, acting as your back office and providing the best insurance products at the best value to your customers, you’ll see the difference. Disability insurance is only the beginning. Let us help you now.

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    155 Pinelawn Road
    Suite 120S
    Melville, NY 11747

    Phone: (631) 293.5100
    Fax: (631) 293.5897

    Department Contacts

    Michael Cohen

    Michael S. Cohen
    After graduating from Boston University in 2002, Michael Cohen spent several years in the film and television industry, working as a producer, writer and stand-up comedian.  Licensed to sell insurance at the age of 18, Cohen entered the family business full time in 2005 and brought the experience of the entertainment industry to The DBL Center.
    Nine years later, he became a member of the prestigious Friars Club in NYC, where he found a way to blend his passion for the arts with his day job to assist with the growth of The DBL’s Center’s General Agency, which he is proud to say has more than doubled since he came on board.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 800


    David J. Cohen

    David J. Cohen
    Founder David J. Cohen was born and raised on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, moved with his family to Kings Highway in Brooklyn and, ultimately, to Long Island. He graduated from Stony Brook University in 1971 with aspirations to be a dentist and stumbled into the insurance industry, where he started out as an Individual Life salesman.
    In 1976, with just an idea and a dime, he ended his career as a producer and started The DBL Center Ltd. to focus on servicing brokers and selling on their behalf. In 1986 he expanded to the state of Hawaii and his company currently manages a premium block of $50 million on the behalf of its sub-producing agents.


    Eugene Puleo

    Eugene Puleo
    Office Manager/Senior Underwriter
    After graduating college in 1976,  Eugene Puleo launched his insurance career with NY Life, and then joined CNA  as the DBL underwriting manager.  On April 1, 1983, he started his wholesale career with the DBL Center Ltd., where today he is responsible for writing and maintaining the company’s over 50 life DBL & TDB business, as well as auditing the agency’s ancillary and statutory commissions in all markets.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 803


    Selena Kutschera

    Selena Kutschera
    Director of DBL & TDB
    Selena Kutschera has been in the insurance industry since 1997, when she graduated with a degree in Insurance from University of Hartford. Utilizing her extensive experience and knowledge of NY DBL and NJ TDB benefits, she is able to service The DBL Center’s prestigious client list.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 809


    Lisa Indelli

    Lisa Indelli
    DBL Licensing, Commission/Processing Inquiries
    Lisa Indelli started working in the insurance industry in 1999 when she became employed at The DBL Center Ltd. Over time she switched to a full-time position, where she is currently responsible for handling all NY DBL business from 1 – 49 lives, and servicing all broker requests.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 804


    Annette M. Sperandio

    Annette M. Sperandio
    Benefits Account Manager
    Annette M. Sperandio is a two-time graduate of St. John’s University specializing in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. After graduating from St. John’s, Annette spent five years teaching middle school and high school English in Bellmore-Merrick CHSD and Massapequa UFSD. After the birth of her son, she joined Chernoff Diamond as a Team Coordinator, providing support to a team of seven. During her tenure at Chernoff Diamond she assisted Benefit Consultants and Client Managers in their day to day responsibilities while providing the utmost customer service for their clientele. She joins The DBL Center, LTD as an Account Manager specializing in the marketing process of Ancillary lines of coverage and providing the niche service that our brokers are accustomed to.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 801


    Bill Quinn

    Bill Quinn
    Senior Relationship Consultant Group Benefits
    Bill Quinn is a Philadelphia native with over 25 years of experience in the Group Insurance Market Space. His tenure includes roles in operations, account management and leadership for Prudential, Rose & Kiernan and Principal. Bill’s area of specialty is working with brokers, employers and their employees to identify and resolve risk gaps with a holistic approach. He currently resides in Poughkeepsie with his wife and son.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 802


    Melissa Bilka

    Melissa Bilka
    Benefits Coordinator
    Melissa Bilka is a graduate of Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus specializing in Mathematics Education. She recently entered the insurance field and joined the expanding Group Ancillary Department of The DBL Center Ltd as a Benefits Coordinator.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 807


    Lori S. Rose

    Lori S. Rose
    AVP of Ancillary Lines
    Lori Rose has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years, specializing in Ancillary Lines at carriers including CNA, Zurich, Principal and Ameritas. She joins The DBL Center as AVP of Ancillary Lines, bringing her expertise and passion for sales and service to brokers with employee benefits solutions.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 805


    Cindy Stella

    Cindy Stella
    DBL / PFL Customer Service Rep
    Cindy Stella is a veteran of the insurance industry, specializing in employee benefits. She started her career in 2004 in the Medical Stop-Loss Department of Standard Security Life Insurance Co. of New York, later moving to SSLIC’s DBL Department. She has spent the past two decades providing support and working closely with agents, brokers, and policyholders. She joins The DBL Center as a DBL / PFL customer service rep, dedicated to providing the best service in this ever-changing field.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 806


    Brian Dewey

    Brian Dewey
    Group Sales Representative
    Brian Dewey is a Massachusetts native & Stonehill College graduate with degrees in Economics and Finance. He brings with him nearly a decade of group benefits experience, with a focus on ancillary benefits from his time at Sun Life and Ameritas.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 808


    Larry Estridge

    Larry Estridge
    Regional Vice President Group Worksite Benefits
    Larry Estridge has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years, serving as a Regional in the Northeast and Midwest Territories for carriers such as UnumProvident, Colonial, and Ameritas. Larry’s expertise is in Disability, Life, and Worksite Benefits where he has provided benefit solutions to Brokers and Financial Advisors for their clients. He joins The DBL Center as the Regional Vice President of Group Worksite Benefits.
    Phone: (631) 293.5100 ext. 812


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    Disability Income

    Long-Term Disability Insurance for Business Owners

    What would happen if you were unable to work?

    Small business owners, sole proprietorships and 1099 independent contractors face a unique set of financial challenges. Of course, they have to have a certain personality – a level of risk tolerance, if you will – to be an independent contractor or an entrepreneur. They like living life on the edge. Taking chances is how they grew their businesses, in many cases. But they’re only willing to push it so far.

    They can’t risk jeopardizing their income – and their entire business – if they should become unable to work due to injury or catastrophic illness. Disability insurance, sometimes called income replacement insurance or simply, disability income, offers business owners peace-of-mind that they will have the money to continue living, paying their mortgage, and providing for their family, even if they get ill or injured.

    What Is Disability Insurance?

    The same way group long-term disability insurance helps corporate employees after their TDB, TDI or DBL disability insurance runs out, disability insurance for individuals provides 1099 contractors and small business owners with income replacement if they can’t work due to illness or injury.

    With the rising costs of healthcare, especially for small business owners, an illness can present unbearable financial hardship. Combine the costs of medical bills with a loss of income, and it can lead a business owner straight into debt or even bankruptcy. The stress of these unpaid bills – and an inability to care for their families –makes it harder to fight a disease or manage pain after an injury. It’s a vicious cycle that only the peace-of-mind provided by individual disability insurance can resolve.

    What to Look for In Disability Income Insurance

    Choosing the right disability income insurance protection isn’t easy. If you ever have to file a claim, you want to know your broker will serve you with understanding and attentive care during this stressful time. You also want the peace-of-mind of knowing that your insurance will provide the money you need for as long as you are disabled. Therefore, you want a policy with the following features:

    – Your rates won’t go up and your policy won’t be canceled as long as you pay your premiums on time.
    – You’ll receive a cost-of-living increase if you are disabled longer than 12 months, and will continue  to receive those increases annually for as long as you are disabled.

    – You have the option to increase your coverage as your income increases, so you and your family can maintain your current standard of living or cover added medical costs if you are disabled.

    Let The DBL Center Help

    For decades, The DBL Center has helped thousands of brokers across the United States provide disability income and other ancillary coverage to their customers. We offer disability income replacement insurance direct-to-the-customer, as well as through our extensive broker network. We manage, maintain, and service all policies, offering peace-of-mind, convenience, and competitive rates.

    Whether you are a business owner or an insurance broker, you are guaranteed the same white-glove service our customers have come to expect for 40 years.

    Don’t take chances. Ask us about disability income replacement protection today.

    Life Insurance

    Individual Life Insurance

    Not every company wants to invest in life insurance as a group benefit. We can help.

    Did you know there are 30 great reasons for people to invest in life insurance? From the basics of caring for your family and paying for your funeral, to protecting your assets from becoming tax liabilities after you’re gone, a tax-free insurance policy makes life financially easier for those who remain.


    Think about this: Who would be hurt – emotionally and financially – if you were to pass on?

    These people and organizations are the biggest part of the many reasons you – and every one of your customers – needs to invest in a life insurance policy today.


    Recognize the Need, Fill It

    For brokers accustomed to selling DBL, TDB, TDI and ancillary group benefits, you may not consider the profit potential in selling individual life insurance policies. But the opportunity is there to earn commission on a product that nearly everyone needs for peace-of-mind and the security of their loved ones after they have passed on. If an organization opts not to provide Group Life AD&D coverage, even on a voluntary basis, the broker has a natural opening – even an obligation – to help employees and business owners that want to invest in life insurance coverage through an individual policy.


    Understanding Life Insurance Options

    Life insurance is available in term-life, whole life, and universal policies. For the average consumer, the choices may seem overwhelmingly as they face their own mortality and make this important decision. Insurance brokers are uniquely positioned to consider the options from an objective viewpoint, yet with the sensitivity and empathy required to make customers feel comfortable. The DBL Center provides you all the tools you need to successfully sell individual life insurance policies, managing and maintaining the policies and taking care of your customers with the same care and consideration that you do.

    You have the benefit of working with the General Agency you know, rather than looking to outside carriers and facing uncertainty about the level of service you and your customers may receive.

    If you already trust The DBL Center to purchase and maintain your mandatory disability insurance and ancillary group benefits, we are pleased to become your one-stop-shop for individual insurance plans, too.

    Contact us today to receive a prompt quote for term, whole, or universal life insurance policies. In many cases, no physical exam is required and there are no maximum age limits. We can underwrite the policy that’s best for any situation.

    Individual Benefits

    Individual Insurance Benefits

    The DBL Center also provides individual insurance benefits to independent contractors, sole proprietors, and employees looking to improve their own insurance coverage.

    It’s true that The DBL Center Ltd. team has decades of experience as top insurance wholesalers for group disability insurance and Group Life / AD&D from New York to Hawaii and 15 states in between. Our specialty is statutory coverage, including DBL in New York and TDB in New Jersey and Hawaii. But we do not forget those people who need individual insurance benefits to protect themselves and their family in the event of illness, injury, or even death.

    Through our vast insurance carrier network and our knowledgeable team, we have the resources to provide individual insurance benefits to small business owners, freelancers, and anyone wishing to bolster their employee benefits package with an individual life insurance policy or disability income insurance.

    In today’s era of job-hopping, along with growing numbers of Americans relying on the “gig economy” as a source of income, individual insurance benefits are more important than ever before.

    But it can be scary selecting an insurance provider for something as important as life insurance or disability insurance. How will you know you’re getting the best value? And will you receive the service you deserve?

    More than 3,000 Companies Trust Us

    Thousands of companies across the U.S. trust us to serve their employees with long-term disability, life insurance, and ancillary benefits. That means we have the knowledge, infrastructure, and experienced team to serve individuals looking for the best rates and white-glove service for their individual insurance benefits, too.

    Are you ready to enjoy the peace-of-mind individual insurance benefits such as disability income benefits and life insurance can provide to you and your loved ones?  The DBL Center Ltd., our carrier partners, and our affiliates can help you find the best individual insurance benefits to meet your needs and budget.

    Vision Coverage

    See More Commission By Selling Vision Coverage 
    Help your customers enhance their company benefits.  

    Following the Affordable Care Act, many healthcare insurance providers dropped vision coverage from their plans, or charge too much for these important company benefits. You can help your customers fill healthcare coverage gaps like vision and dental insurance for their employees.  

    Why Should Your Customers Invest in Vision Coverage?

    Unlike dental coverage, vision insurance has typically been a “tough sell” for insurance agents, even as part of a voluntary program. But these company benefits are important for many reasons – including the overall health of employees in an organization. The eyes are not only windows to the soul, but windows into early detection of a number of health problems, from diabetes to cancer. A non-invasive annual eye exam, when part of comprehensive health care, can improve the overall wellness of employees in an organization – which employers know reduces sick-time, improves productivity and enhances retention of the highest quality employees.  
    Also, consider that when employers offer company benefits, they also receive the coverage for themselves and their families, sometimes at higher levels in a tiered plan. 

    Choices for Your Customers, More Commission For You

    There are a number of ways The DBL Center can help make vision coverage more affordable to your customers. We offer plans where the employer pays 100 percent, and we also offer voluntary coverage, where the employee pays a portion – or even 100 percent – of the premium before taxes.  
    We will work with you to select the vision plans that are best for your customers. As you focus on selling ancillary group benefits to your existing clients and expanding your book of business with new clients looking to fill the gaps created by healthcare reform, we will help. We manage and maintain all policies, but it is always your name on the policy as the owner. You cash your commission checks directly from the insurance carrier. And you enjoy the high level of service The DBL Center has been offering to its clients for more than 40 years.  
    See the benefits of selling vision coverage today by calling The DBL Center.

    Dental benefits make your workers smile.

    Dental Benefits

    Dental Benefits Enhance your Book of Busines

    Help your small business and corporate customers keep pace in today’s changing healthcare insurance climate with dental benefits.  

    At The DBL Center, we know that dental benefits are rapidly disappearing with the Affordable Care Act and healthcare insurance reform. Yet, today’s Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses know the importance of dental care and the value of offering dental benefits to their employees.  
    That’s why we continue to offer the best dental benefits plans from A+ rated, best-in-class insurance carriers at a low cost to your clients, resulting in easy sales and more commissions for you and your insurance agency. We also offer voluntary benefits for corporations who do not want to contribute to the premium, enabling the employees to pay 100% and still receive high-quality, affordable dental coverage.  

    Emphasis on Preventative Dental Care


    Our dental benefits plans are affordable, and will remain so, because they emphasize preventative care, including cleanings, exams, sealants and fluoride treatments that keep employees’ teeth healthy and bright, reducing the risk of expensive oral surgery and emergency treatment claims.  
    Even though the Affordable Care Act has slashed dental benefits within most healthcare plans, regular dental care remains an important part of employee health and wellness. Medical professionals site a link between gum disease or gingivitis and heart disease – whether as a cause or an indicator, the evidence is inconclusive. But it is certain that healthy teeth and a healthy heart go hand-in-hand, and regular preventative dental care is an important part of holistic health.  
    Additionally, employees with healthy teeth smile take less sick days due to pain or tooth aches, and may even perform better in sales and customer service related positions. Because teeth – and your smile – are an important part of first impressions, employees with a straight, bright healthy smile and whiter teeth are perceived to be more successful and more confident, studies show.  

    Most Major Corporations Offer Dental Coverage

    Approximately 86 percent of all corporations with more than 1,000 lives offer dental benefits, and employees rank dental benefits as “somewhat” or “very” important. Yet, less than half of small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) offer dental coverage. In a competitive market, SMBs can attract top talent with a comprehensive company benefits that include dental coverage. A good dental plan can also improve retention of top employees in businesses of any size.  
    Even if they already provide group dental as part of their company benefit plans, your customers might be able to afford a more desirable plan when you shop through Our plans have more in-network dentists than competitive plans offered by other general agencies, and more than 180,000 locations for treatment.  

    Easy Enrollment for Your Customers’ Dental Benefits

    As always, when you purchase group dental plans for your customers through, you can expect a high level of personalized service. We manage and maintain your policies, but you own the policies and have access to all the plan information. Unlike dealing with other general agencies, our insurance carriers pay your commission directly to you.

    Interested in Earning More Commission with Group Dental Plans?


    Call us and we will put together a free competitive comparison letter for you that will include various wholesale dental benefits plans tailored to your clients’ unique needs in New York, New Jersey, and beyond.  
    As always, there is no cost to you unless we write the policy through one of our elite, click here to see a list of our top-rated insurance carriers.  

    Long Term Disability Insurance

    Give Your Clients Greater Peace of Mind with Long Term Disability Benefits

    Earn more commission with this easy up-sell.

    Six out of 10 corporations offer long term disability insurance as a company benefit. Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act create financial challenges for employers and employees who get sick or become disabled. A generous long term disability insurance plan can help alleviate some of the financial strain, and improve the odds that the employees will return to work for the same organization as soon as they are able. Long term disability plans begin when state mandated DBL or temporary disability insurance stops, and help build employee loyalty and provide peace-of-mind for an employer.

    Our LTD Plans From Top Insurance Carriers Offer Choices For Your Customers

    We offer tiered plans from an elite list of carriers offering the best benefits for the money. Here’s an example.

    • Class I (Executives Only) – Covers 60% of salary to a maximum of $15,000/mos. up to age 65 if the individual is unable to perform their own occupation. 90- or 180-day waiting period.
    • Class II (Management Only) -Covers 60% of salary to $5,000/mos. up to age 65 if the individual is unable to perform their own occupation for two years and any occupation thereafter. 180 day waiting period.
    • Class III (All Other Employees) Covers 60% of salary up to $2,000/mos. for up to five years the individual is unable to perform their own occupation. 180 day waiting period.

    As you can see from the example above, the executives in a company carry up to 90 percent of the premium, so it’s in their best interest to secure this coverage.

    Long term disability as a group benefit is less expensive than individual disability insurance. The employer can cover the premiums in full, or may choose to have the employees contribute, making it a tax-free benefit for employees. In some cases, the corporation may opt to make long term disability insurance a voluntary benefit, with the employees paying 100 percent of the premium before taxes.

    Let Us Do the Work While You Increase Your Commissions

    Selling long term disability plans is a great way to earn more commission, while makes it easy because we manage and maintain the policies for you. Plans vary, and The DBL Center Ltd. can help you select the plans and carriers that are best for your clients.

    Get started earning more commission by offering your clients group long-term disability benefits today.

    Group Life Insurance / AD&D Coverage

    Group Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage

    Earn more commission with group ancillary benefits.

    Did you know six out of 10 corporations offer Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D) coverage as part of company benefits? If you aren’t selling your temporary disability insurance customers these important employee benefit plans, you’re missing out on easy commissions.

    Help Your Customers Stay Ahead with Better Employee Benefit Plans

    Group life insurance is an inexpensive way for employees to purchase coverage for themselves and their dependents, and makes an employee benefit package more attractive to employees in every generation.

    Additionally, employee benefits are a key driver to raise company morale, improve retention and aid in recruiting top tier talent in highly competitive fields. Your customers need – and want – this coverage. Shouldn’t you be the one to provide it?

    You’ll earn even more commission, and your clients will save money, when you take advantage of our multi-line discounts and less us underwrite your disability insurance coverage along with other company benefit packages.

    As an insurance agent, Group Life / AD&D coverage is one of the most affordable insurance plans you’ll ever sell, with 90 percent of the premium cost favoring the business owner / employer and top executives.

    We can help you structure a tiered plan like the following for your customers:

    • Class I covers executives: (i.e.) 2 x BAE (Basic Annual Earnings) to a max of $300,000 or flat $300,000 in benefit
    • Class II covers management: 2 x BAE to a max of $50,000 or flat $50,000
    • Class III covers all employees: Flat $20,000

    The above is just an example. The amount of coverage provided is up to you and your customers, based on the plans you choose. As an alternative, your customers may choose voluntary employee benefits where the employee pays 100 percent of the premium for life insurance.

    Best-in-Class Carriers

    Choose from our choice selection of A++ to A-rated insurance carriers to get the lowest rates, best-in-class service, and top employee benefit plans.

    Best of all, you enjoy the white-glove service of The DBL Center Ltd. We will help you compare options, select the best insurance products for your customers, write the plan, and manage and maintain the accounts. You cash your commission checks directly from the insurance carrier, and have the time and freedom to expand your book-of-business with new clients and new products. And your clients will save even more when you take advantage of our multi-line discounts.

    Earn More Commission

    Are you ready to earn more commission with Group Life / AD&D coverage?

    Contact us and we will put together a competitive comparison letter for you, including Group Life Insurance plans tailored exclusively to your clients’ needs. There is no cost to you unless we write the policy with your choice of carrier. Call us today or email us for your free, personalized quote.

    Ancillary Group Benefits

    Ancillary Group Benefits

    Earn more commission when you expand your book of business with these ancillary group benefits.

    For savvy insurance agents, getting your foot in the door with mandatory disability insurance benefits, such as Temporary Disability Insurance in Hawaii (TDI), disability benefits law (DBL) coverage in New York, and temporary disability benefits (TDB) in New Jersey is just the beginning.

    Fortune 500 CEOs and small business owners, alike, know that offering the best ancillary group benefits helps improve morale, increase retention, and attract the best talent in a highly competitive employment market. As their insurance agent of choice, you can offer these expanded employee benefits packages underwritten by The DBL Center Ltd, and earn more commission easily.

    With our multi-line discounts when you buy Group Life AD&D, long-term disability insurance, vision coverage, and dental benefits, your customers save money, making employee benefits plans even more enticing. Our underwriters can help you select the plans and carriers that work best for your customers, offer free and fast quotes, and provide binding applications in minutes.

    Best of all, we manage and maintain these accounts for you, with the same high level of personalized service that has made us the top choice in the New York Tri-State area and Hawaii for disability insurance.

    Disability insurance is just the beginning. Earn more commission with ancillary group benefits now. 

    Group Life AD&D

    Six out of 10 corporations offer Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D) coverage as part of company benefits? Earn more commission with this easy sale.

    Long-term Disability Insurance

    Help your corporate insurance clients give their employees greater peace-of-mind with long-term disability insurance.

    Dental Benefits

    Keep dental in your clients’ employee benefit plans by offering low-cost dental insurance for companies of any size.

    Vision Coverage

    With cuts to healthcare benefits, many people no longer have coverage for glasses and contacts. Enhance your clients’ employee benefits packages with our plans.