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The D.B.L. Center LTD. writes our brokers names and code numbers on every application guaranteeing that you, the broker, owns your business. This gives you, our valued broker, access to our carrier contacts.

Simply select a carrier below by clicking on it, fill out the appropriate fields and click submit. Your application was bound directly with the insurance company of your choice and a copy was sent to your agency and ours for a system of checks and balances guaranteeing your policy was bound.

If you need assistance with any D.B.L. quotes on over 50 life cases, please contact Eugene Puleo or Michael Cohen at (631) 293-5100 and they will have a rate to you within 24 hours.

To Bind Coverage for Under 50 Lives*

Select a Carrier below to get started:
  Company Rating % To Broker Quarterly Male/Female Monthly Proprietor Coverage Annual inAdvance
ShelterPoint Life A- 22.5% $2.15/M
$1.75/Male $3.80/Female $21.00/M
Guardian A++ 20% $2.60/M
$6.85 $23.16/M
Hartford A 22.5% $2.19/M
$10.50 $21.36/M
Standard Security A- 22.5% $1.50/M
$9.36 $18.00/M

*All community rates are subject to carriers minimum premium.

Group LTD/Life/AD&D & Dental:

Aetna, Assurant, Cigna, ShelterPoint Life Insurance, Guardian, Hartford, Lincoln Financial, Principal, Reliance Standard, Standard Life, Standard Security Dental, Sun Life & Unum

All Fields Required Otherwise State N/A
The DBL Center thanks you for selecting ShelterPoint Life. Please Click Here To Continue To Bind Coverage For Immediate Bind And Instant Electronic Policy Delivery!
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Download New York Enriched DBL Products from Zurich (PDF)
2x $340
3x $510
4x $680
5x $850
Download New York Enriched DBL Products from ShelterPoint Life Insurance (PDF)
1.5x $255
2x $340
3x $510
4x $680
5x $850
  • In Hospital
  • Yes
  • No
  • AD&D Rider
  • Yes
  • No
  • 25K
  • 50K
Download New York Enriched DBL Products from Guardian (DOC) Enter Dollar Amount ($250 / $500 / $700)
  • Adding Another Line
  • Yes
  • No
Download New York Enriched DBL Products from Standard Security Life (PDF)
  • 50% Plan ($200-$500 - $50 increments)
  • 60% Plan ($200-$350 - $50 increments)
  • Enter Dollar Amount


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